3 Useful Apple TV Features You Perhaps Didn’t Know About

Useful Apple TV Features 


When Steve Jobs shared the new Apple TV, he rightfully called it ‘one more hobby’ because a close inspection of the gadget makes you realize that there is so much more to the hood that the CEO did not share. It has almost become one hallmark feature of Apple TV that even after months of using it, one still finds himself discovering its some new features. To make things easier for you and demystify things a bit, we reveal the top three hidden features of Apple TV below –

  • Use Siri Remote to turn your television on/off

Depending upon the type of TV, the SIRI Remote comes endowed with special powers. For the new models having HDMI-CEC support, the SIRI Remote is quite capable of taking care of the volume levels of the television, thereby eliminating the need of the second remote. It can also switch the TV in on/off mode. The sleep mode can also be easily accessed. To activate the feature, one needs to follow instructions to enable HDMI-CEC and get the SIRI volume activated. TV on/off feature can be enabled from ‘Remotes and Devices’ in the ‘Settings’ Menu.

  • Easy Multitasking between Apps

Though Apple remains quiet on this, but one can easily access app switcher on Apple TV for multitasking between all recently opened apps. The approach remains same like an iPhone. Double clicking the Home button on the SIRI remote takes care of the job. Apart from moving quickly between two or more apps, the app switcher mode allows you to swipe on any app which would lead to it closing and quitting in the exact manner of behavior on an iPhone. Soon to be launched update for Apple TV, the tvOS 9.2 will transform the UI of the app switcher to bring it on par with iOS 9’s. However, everything else will work the same.

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  • Using Multiple iTunes Accounts and Accessing All Purchases

This feature comes as a god send gift to families and groups sharing one Apple TV between them. This feature allows you to store multiple iTunes account simultaneously. For better understanding, if one user had purchased few TV other shows for one account, the other may have rented a movie or got a collection, you, as administrator would get free access to all of them.

To achieve it, one needs to venture into ‘Accounts’ under ‘Settings’; then opt for ‘iTunes and Apps Store’. As you would already be signed on one, you can simply select ‘Add New Apple ID’ to log in and access someone else’s account. Once multiple accounts have been linked to a Apple TV, one can safely return back to the ‘Settings ‘Menu to easily toggle between them and their different purchases.

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