6 Ways to Clear Out Space on Your Smartphone

How to Clear Out Space on Your Smartphone

The most hated alert message on any mobile device is undoubtedly the alert message of storage space running low. It puts a real curb on your space for photos, offline playlists, videos and hordes of other issues. Even a 16 GB space does not adequately take care of the issue. Mentioned below are some smart steps that can help you clear out space on your smartphone.

Transfer Videos and Photos to a Cloud or Computer

All your meaningful videos and photos can be transferred to your computer or to free cloud services like Google Photos, Flickr, Dropbox, and Microsoft, One Drive etc. What is highly appreciated is that most of these services are available for free. Mac, Apple or other brands each have their own cloud servers for your disposal as well. The transfer is very simple to execute.

Delete unwanted Pictures, videos and files

If you look through your phone, you would be amazed by the number of duplicate and useless photos and videos that are cluttering your mobile phone. Deleting them can provide you with ample storage space. A high-end phone like Apple iPhone also allows you to trim lengthy videos for storing.

Do away with Unwanted Apps

It’s common knowledge that apps occupy significant space in your phone. Many apps come along with the phone and we tend to download as well. Removing apps that are not used by you can give in a lot of space. The same thing can be done with the games. This would also help you extend the battery life of your phone.

Adorn Streaming Services

Today streaming services are fast taking over the hassle of downloading and storing. The worst storage hog culprit is music where we have literal downloads almost every day. But we can save space here which can almost run to gigabytes by opting for streaming music subscriptions like Apple Music, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Pandora etc. Today number of companies is launching this service at an extremely nominal fee. However, do the selection carefully as all do not provide availability of offline music. Apple Music and Spotify does allow you to download though that’s not what we are looking for.

Avoid Shooting Videos in 4K

All the latest Android and iphone come with inbuilt capability of shooting in 4K resolution. However, these video files are much larger in size than an HD or full HD videos. Moreover these videos play only in a 4D medium. Hence ensuring that 4K shooting is off, much space can be saved.

Transfer Maximum Content to Memory Card

Memory cards are terrific avenues for offloading files. They can really increase your phone’s internal space as well. Most phones provide space for fitting one or two memory cards. One fabulous advantage is that it is portable and allows you access to any particular file anytime.

Hope the issue will be eliminated for good.

These are the ways to Clear Out Space on Your Smartphone!

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