7 Awesome Tech Products We Saw in 2015

7 Coolest Tech Products We Saw in 2015

The year 2015 is gone, but it left us with so much to talk about. We saw a massive amount of new innovative tech devices – and some of them stole the hearts of many. Let’s talk of the devices which were the most awesome ones.

Origami Pots

Origami Pots: Plant Pots That Can Grow

So we have heard of growing plants, but wait, the title says ‘pots that can grow’. What’s that about? Let us clear the air.

How many times has it happened that you need to change the pot of the plant because it became too small for it. Well, these growing pots called Origami Pots will be there for you to not worry about changing the pot of your plant. How? Because these pots grow with the size of the plant.

The pot has many folds. When your plant grows, it just unfold the pot to adjust its size.

buddy collar

Buddy: Pet Collar with GPS and LED Light

If you are a pet lover, then this pet collar named as ‘buddy’ can ease up your life. It is a pet collar that has GPS installed. Because of that, you will be able to know the location of your pet at any time by just taking a glance at your smartphone.

Moreover, this pet collar also has LED light. It will make easier for you to track your pet during dark.

Nora to stop you from snoring

Nora: Device That Stops You from Snoring

The thing about snoring is that it is not annoying to only one person – the one who is doing it. To everyone else near that person, it is as irritating as it can get.

For all snoring haters, Nora can help you out. It is a device, which comes with a small part that you need to place under your pillow. It monitors your activity and whenever you start snoring, it softly moves the pillow in a way that you stop snoring.

If you snore, it would be great gift for your partner!

beam smart projector

Beam: The Smart Projector

When smartphones are a norm, we needed something more out of a projector too. Beam is a stylish smart projector which can turn any flat surface into a colorful and big screen. It’s smart because a powerful 1.3 GHz processor resides inside it with 8 GB of memory. It has Android as its operating system. Simply, it’s a full-fledged computer inside a projector.

Want to use it? You can put it in any light socket or use its power cable to start the fun. Moreover, it also works as light lamp.


Shelfpack: A Suit Case That Is a Shelf Too

One of the boring things in packing your suitcase is that you need to keep everything in order. This order has no use, because when you have reached your destination, you need to put out the clothes and place them on a shelf or something. So, time wasted! But not anymore.

With Shelfpack, you only have to put your clothes once in order. Because it is a multi-storied shelf in a suitcase. You need to expand the suitcase for using the shelf and compress it when you are ready for travelling.


Upright: A Device That Will Help You Sit in the Right Posture

Those whose work nature requires hours of sitting; keeping a fine body posture is really important. Because, if they are sitting in a wrong posture, they can experience back pain and neck pain.

For these people, Upright is a great solution. You need to attach it to your back. It vibrates, whenever you turn to a bad posture.

Solar paper

Solar Paper: Portable Solar Charger

Those who travel a lot know that keeping their phone charged is a big issue. For them, Solar Paper can ease out the situation. It is a small, thin and lightweight solar panel that can fit into a backpack. It works well for addressing the ‘low battery’ issue.

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