Axis Vidius – Meet the world’s smallest camera equipped drone

Axis Vidius:the world’s smallest camera equipped drone


Axis Vidius -the world’s smallest camera equipped drone is going to make it possible for you to get around to a large number of places undetected. This camera makes it difficult for you to pick up the GPS coordinates and really track it. You can completely missions quickly with this particular drone, and it can get out of a number of corners.

The remote control associated with the Axis Vidius is very easy to understand. You can certainly find that the cameras on this particular drone can help give you information about boats that are quite a long distance away when you are out on the river. You can even send messages with this particular drone.

The Axis Vidius can be helpful if you want to e-mail your friend and make sure that they know you are coming over to show them your new drone. You can also access all of the tools for this drone on your SmartPhone. You can see the first person action via the video camera that will put you right in the driver’s seat.

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