Best Smartphones to look forward to in 2016

Smartphones to look forward to in 2016

The technology world has been advancing at a very alarming rate. We have had system updates one after the other. But with the advances we are trying so much to keep up. Smart phones are our latest addictions and every day we wake up looking forward to the newest version, with the latest OS, the strongest processor, the best resolution, the battery that can last longer and now with the selfie nation we are all looking for one that has the best camera both back and front. We all have that Smartphone that we are looking forward to see its latest technology and are crossing our fingers that the company won’t disappoint.

The list is long but the following are top three of the smart phones we are eagerly waiting to see in 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone

Smartphones to look forward to in 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung has been leading with the latest technological advances in terms of smart phones and smart watches. After they came up with S6 and S6 Edge, they are planning to come up with S7 and they are still promising S7 Edge and S7 Plus later in the future. Rumor has it that S7 will be a dream phone. Its specs are absolutely amazing. Compared to the previous versions, the newer version is expected to be a between 5.2 and 5.8-device with a 4k display and running on the either snapdragon 820 or the latest Exynos 8890 processor. The corning gorilla glass 5 is supposed to be the screen protector and at the same time its screen display. It will be performing under the latest version of android OS, marshmallow v6.O.

Samsung technologies have decided to make it better by upgrading the primary camera to 23mp and adding BRITECELL sensors and enhancing the front camera to 8mp with dual video calls. This will be very easy and preferable for the latest generation with endless selfie and video chats. They have promised that it will have a 4GB RAM and 32/64/128GB internal memory.

It will be networking on 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, HSPA and GSM support and have the latest v4.2 Bluetooth, NFC, WI-FI and GPS. With a 4000mAh battery power with fast charging, it is expected to have a fingerprint and retina scanner, accelerometer, barometer and heart rate measurements. This is definitely a number one wait and see phone even though the price is expected to hit the roof at above 13,200 Rands.

HTC one M10 Smartphone

Smartphones to look forward to in 2016: HTC one M10 Smartphone

This female-chaired company has been bringing brilliance to life through leading innovation in Smartphone devices and experience design. They have consistency of naming their devices from HTC one m7 to HTC one m9 and so on.

The eagerly awaited one is now the HTC one m10 which has already hit the rumor market and it is said that it will have a 27MP dual camera with face detection and auto focus. That is like the best it can get for spotless pictures of high resolution. It’s expected to have a resolution display configuration of between 2k and 4k and a 4GB RAM and a 64/128GB internal memory. It’s also expected to have 3500 mAh battery and support heart rate sensor, id scanner and two stereo speakers which are so powerful. Its price is supposed to range between 14,300 and 17,600 Rands.


Smartphones to look forward to in 2016: IPhone 7

Being the first phone to run on OLED display, it’s expected to be the thinnest phone ever experienced but at the cost of the bulky 3.5mm headphones. But the main question is what do we expect to replace the earphones? Some say there will be Bluetooth headphones but we won’t be surprised to find wireless ear buds in the box!

The thickness will range between 6mm and 6.5mm and it’s said it will also have wireless charging. It has been in the rumor market for a while now thus it’s expected to be out by late 2016. Despite the theory going round that apple is dumping the metal technology for the plastic covers, I phone 7 will still have the metal and glass technology but water and dust resistant. It will have a 4k resolution with a 4.1 to 5.5inch display. At over 14,278 Rands they promised to ditch the 16 GB RAM and upgrade it.

When it comes to  smartphones today, the quality of the pictures that get taken count for a lot. People are no longer like photographer in Johannesburg, walking around with a camera, as its too bulky. they use what they have, which is their smartphones.

People on the go want to be able to capture the pictures, have them look good and post them immediately to social media sites like Instagram. That’s why there is the huge appreciation for Samsung S6, 7 and 8, because they take bad a** pictures.

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