Best Wearables of 2016

Best Wearable Technology of 2016 

The concept of wearable technology has become quite familiar to people, thanks to brands like Apple, Samsung and Google competing with each other to form most useful and creative wearable devices at one’s fingertips through varied wearable technology. Let’s glimpse through some top devices that promises both fashion as well as smart device technology:-

Garmin Vivo fit

Recently launched in South Africa and available in five different colors, this is a fantastic fitness tracker which automatically adapts to a person’s fitness goals. It can easily be synched with both your computer and Smartphone to get a dashboard with reports and even badges. Waterproof, battery that can easily last a year and the display features are some of the hallmark features of the unit.

Google Glass

Expected to be launched in South Africa in 2016, this Google’s new interactive glasses is all set to make surfing internet more interesting. Displaying information almost on the lines of a Smartphone, it uses voice commands to interact with the internet. After taking a picture, Google Glass simply instructs the ubiquitous computer to capture images.

Apple Watch and i.amPULS

Amongst the plethora of varied designs of Smart watches taking the market by storm, Apple Watch and i.amPULS by Will.I.Am is perhaps the most notable. The basic hallmark feature of the design of both watches is the incorporation of both touch and voice operated displays. Both these sassy units allow users to send text messages, make phone calls and read email. It also monitors the heart rate and even allows one to download music. It would soon be available in South Africa at about R4, 000.


Samsung Galaxy Gear

This Samsung’s round smart watch has teased the market for a long time. Taking heads on battle with Moto 360 and the LG Watch Urbane, the watch attempts to evolve cell-phone accessories from the Smartphone range to a standalone device. Looking pretty swish, the watch features rotating bezel and provides physical controls to the touch screen setup. It comes inculcated with a 2-inch AMOLED screen and a battery life of up to two days. It is readily available nationwide at about R2, 461.00.

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

This new line of Polo Tech shirts is not only stylish but also is a frontrunner of the fitness technology. With its skin tight designs with incorporated microchips, its function is very similar to any fitness based waist band or arm band. The shirt is capable of measuring heart rate, breathing, movement and many other body readings which are relayed through a Smartphone app. It also provides real time biometric data. The company also claims that the unit is capable of generating customized workout programs. It is currently available throughout South Africa

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