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Cellular Phone Contracts for Blacklisted & Bad Credit People

Today, many South Africans are unfortunately in a bad space financially, with many having bad credit records and blacklisted.

Being blacklisted  with a bad credit record unfortunately affects how creditors trust you, when it comes to applying for a cellphone contract, and many other things. Unlike in the old days when applying for a cellphone contract was straight forward and simple, nowadays, it has become a bit complicated, especially if your credit rating is tainted.

If you are like many of the South Africans that tried to get a cell phone contract in recent times, then you know just how vigorous the process is. And to make matters worse, many of those who applied were declined a cell phone contract.

There are a few reasons that get someone declined for a cellular phone contract, one of those reasons being the obvious one of not having a regular job, or the lack thereof. However, in many instances, people get declined a cellphone contract in South Africa because they are Blacklisted.

Being blacklisted is terrible, and that status tends to follow you with every purchase you try to make, that is if you are looking to buy with credit.

A cellphone contract is credit, and some type of a loan which you have to pay monthly for a set period of time, and if you are blacklisted, it tells creditors that you cannot be trusted.

However, it is not all bad news.

Blacklisted Cellphone Contracts: There is Hope

I have painted a pretty bleak picture for those who are blacklisted or those who have a low ITC score, which happen to be the reason most people get declined when they try to apply for a cell phone contract.

Being  blacklisted and having a low ITC score are looked at the same by cell phone network service providers like MTN, Vodacom, Virgin Mobile and 8ta.

The cellphone networks have their credit score cards that they have put together, that we all need to satisfy before they are comfortable in giving a cellular contract.
There is great news though, because even though you may be blacklisted or have a low ITC score, you still have a chance of applying for a cellphone contract and get approved for it.
The ITC risk score card that they have in place is lower than for the most popular cellphone network providers, and therefore your chances of being granted a cell phone contract are higher.

Cellspot Cellular: Cellular Contracts that Blacklisted People Can Apply For

Cellspot Cellular can help you get a cellphone contract in South Africa, even if you have a low credit score, and even if you are blacklisted.

Anyone can apply for their cellphone contract, and there are no documents required for the application. All you need to do to be considered for a contract is to choose the phone and package that best suits you.

Your application will be under review, and if they approve you, your phone will be delivered to you, free of charge.

With Cellspot Cellular, you no longer have to be frustrated that you got declined for a new cellphone, regardless of your credit status, you now have a chance to apply for a new phone and get approved.

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