BMW introduces new contactless touchscreeen technology called Air Touch

BMW Previews ‘Contactless’ Touchscreen Technology


On the eve of 2016 BMW gifts it’s customer a new technology called ‘contactless’ touchscreen technology called Air Touch.

It sounds like something oxymoron but BMW to unveil ‘contactless’ touchscreen technology called Air Touch allows its users to have intuitive control on features like volume and various other screen selection in car infotainment system with gestures and a contactless touchscreen.

As a result, the driver or passenger can change the focus like flip music or choose various destination on the map with a simple confirmation without making any contact with the screen’ s surface unlike traditional touchscreen.

The technology will be fully described in a Vision Car concept which will preview the interior and the user interface of the future might look like. Moreover the Air Touch menu can be controlled with a concealed button located at the rim of steering wheel. This button will light up as and when the menu is activated. This similar button is also located at the passenger door area, for activating menu or confirming the action after its selection.

The intelligent Air Touch is aimed at offering shortcut to most commonly used features liking pulling contacts or calls, which can be perform any action with the flip of button and the driver can focus completely on the road without any disturbance in driving and is free to drive safely without being interrupted by incoming messages and calls.

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