Chrome introduces new Data Saver feature

Chrome introduces new Data Saver feature

This week, Google has introduced a new feature in its Chrome browser, called as Data Saver, which it claims can save an impressive 70% of the users’ data. It is believed that Google had done it to remain competitive with Opera which had introduced Opera Max with free data compression.

The Product Manager of Chrome at Alphabet, Taj Oppenheimer explained that the saving is made possible because the new Data Saver mode eliminates most of the images during loading of a page in a slower connection. This implies that on a slow mobile data connection, Chrome will eliminate images while loading which would result in less data expenditure and faster speed. Users would have the option to load all available images or selective images which they desire.

The move has come amidst increasing concerns that some carriers may lack the network capacity to meet the ever-increasing data consumption demands in the near future. Google also announced that the new mode would first be introduced in India and Indonesia which showcases more dated telecommunications infrastructure. Additionally here, 4G penetrations is still in its infancy and low end Smartphones are still very popular. Till now, it is still unclear if the feature would also be available for the iOS version of Chrome.

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