Facebook Introduces New Reaction Emojis

Facebook introduces five emoji reactions


Recently, Facebook launched a stream of reaction emojis that were being asked from the social media giant from long. It was hinted last year that the Facebook is planning to launch reaction emojis, but now the wait is over.

The new changes include the “Like” button getting bolder and look better, as well as reaction emojis for – shock, sadness, anger, laughter, happiness and love.

To access these new reaction emojis and to use them, just press and hold on the reaction button for long, whether it’s your news feed or the messenger app. The reaction button can be found on the toolbar right below the text box. You can easily select the one you want to use and tap on it. Millions of Facebook users have been longing for a much elaborate reaction emojis other than the “Like” button, and now Facebook has finally answered in style all its users.

With the help of reaction emojis, people now would be able to express their feelings more accurately, as the Like button didn’t gave much liberty to the users to express what they want precisely. With more and more development happening at the Facebook, one can be sure of many new exciting features to roll in the time to come.

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