FIFINE W9 Smartwatch Review

FIFINE W9 Smartwatch Review


In the world of technology, evolution is an everyday affair as something new is being launched almost every other day. Till now, smart phones were the hottest gadget everybody were talking about, but now with the entry of wearables in the market like FIFINE W9 Smartwatch, focus of the tech savvy consumers seems to have shifted considerably.

Getting to know the FIFINE W9 Smartwatch

Even when companies like Motorola, Asus, Sony and Apple have built wearables in the form of smart watches, they were quite expensive to say the least for an average consumer. However, the latest FIFINE W9 smartwatch seems to have changed the dynamics in the world of smart watches in a very aggressive manner by not only making it not only one of the most advanced smart watches around, but also one of the most economical as well with the price standing at just around $160, which is a fraction of what other lesser evolved smart watches in the market comes for.

When you look at the configuration of FIFINE W9 smartwatch, you would get to know that it is a smartphone in itself and does not actually rely on connectivity with a smartphone to realize its full potential. This is because it comes with 3G Sim Card slot, and if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with ROM of 8Gb. Moreover, it has a 5MP camera that allows you to shoot high quality videos and capture great pictures, anytime and anywhere.

The smart watch runs on Android 4.4 OS and has dual core supported by Mediatek MTK6572 processor. It supports most of the media format for both pictures and videos, and is also equipped with the latest GPS navigation features and built in maps. For people who want to connect it with their smart phones, they can do so easily with the Bluetooth in the watch. It also has in-built mic and a small speakers on the watch’s band, which would allow you to conveniently take calls, enjoy play back music, videos or talk over the speaker.

FIFINE W9 Smartwatch is really a power packed watch to look out for, because apart from the above mentioned features that are remarkable in itself, it also supports Wi-Fi connectivity, supports numerous languages, and is water resistance with IP65 protection. You can run most of the Android application on the watch, including Whatsapp, Facebook, and other popular apps.

Most of all, other than being power packed and feature rich, this smartwatch is also elegant and stylish. The phone comes ready to wear, and setting it up would hardly take a few minutes just like any smartphone available in the market. It has 1.54 inch screen and the bright resolution of 240X240 Pixels. The leather strap of the watch gives it that elite look, but its unique range of features make it as sporty as it can get, which makes this smart watch a rage in the range of smart watches available in the market.

Hope this FIFINE W9 Smartwatch Review has given you a great idea about what to expect from this wearable.

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