Google and Ford set to announce self-driving car partnership

Ford is set to team up with Google to produce self-driving cars


Self-steering cars are definitely in the horizon, and they are the most interesting growth of the technological advancement that we are seeing lately. This type of car has recently become the talk of the town, among youngsters as well as elders. This is because the two major companies namely Google and Ford which are known worldwide have joint hands at the tech titan’s I/O developer conference to promote this smart car.

The Ford Company, notable for being way ahead in this domain due to its ongoing success, is best known for its non stoppable innovations in the field of cars.

On the other hand, Google, the leading company on the internet for the online searching engine, can record your previous locations and therefore predict your next destinations based on them.

With this remarkable alliance of these two extraordinary companies, the outcomes of the self-driving cars are definitely hitting a great triumph and shall, without doubt achieve a great victory in the near future.

A partnership between Ford and Google could see self driving cars among us sooner than later, as Google has a massive advantage in software development, while Ford brigs in the automotive and industrial advantage.

If the partnership between Ford and Google happens, it would be welcome in the technological world, no doubt.

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