How to permanently delete your WhatsApp account

Delete Whatsapp from your phone


There seems to be so many chat services right now, and keeping in touch with those you love may have stopped from being something fun and enjoyable, to somewhat a burden.

Maybe it is too time consuming for you to continue using WhatsApp, maybe you are using too many chat services, and perhaps like some people, you prefer just calling instead of writing.

Whatever your reason maybe of wanting to delete your WhatsApp from your phone, you are about to learn how to do it properly.

When you make the decision to delete your WhatsApp account, make sure that you have thought about it, and you know what it actually means.

Once you hit the delete button for WhatsApp, it means:

  • Your association with Whatsapp for the the phone number that you are using is over
  • Your phone will be deleted from all your friends lists, and the groups that you were a part of
  • Your Whatsapp chats, videos, music and pictures are completely removed from the app

How to permanently delete your WhatsApp account

  1.  From your phone, get into WhatsApp
  2. Click on Settings and go to the Account section
  3. Once you are in Account, you  will see the option to  “Delete Your account”.
  4. You will then need to enter your number, using the format used internationally, so start the number with +27
  5. If you are truly sure that you want to delete Whatsapp, proceed to delete it.

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