Huawei aims to ship 120 million smartphones in 2016

Huawei expects to ship 120 million smartphones in 2016

The Chinese Manufacturer Huawei, not contented with the over 100 million sales, is now aiming at least 120 million handsets in 2016. Shipping 120 million smartphones in the year 2016 is not going to be easy, but taking into account that the company boosted its sales by 44% between the year 2014 and 2015, they can probably do it.

Despite the slowing smartphones sales in the markets, Huawei managed to increase its sales from 75 million in 2014 to 108 million in 2015, making it a brilliant year thus creating a name for itself in the Smartphone market.

The launch of the Nexus 6P has contributed to Huawei’s rise in value in many countries mainly Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Italy. The company will focus on expanding its line-up of the P and Mate Smartphone series to further bolster its sales in 2116. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for Google on making an approach to building the next Nexus 6P.

The company now ranks third behind Samsung and Apple in terms of the largest Smartphone maker. Considering their edge over Huawei, what it is capable of clearly achieving is further boosting its yearly shipment units.

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