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The current economic climate in South Africa necessitates a particular focus on upcoming entrepreneurs and innovators operating within the market. Entrepreneurship is well recognised internationally for its potential in promoting new opportunities, employment and growth, however South African entrepreneurs’ are still faced with many challenges – including unsupportive procedures, access to finance and rigid regulations.

Although progress has been seen in the level of entrepreneurial movement locally, it still falls short when equated to other parts of the world making it extremely important to promote public support for individuals following such a path.

Matthew Cigler, MBA graduate and entrepreneur, is one such individual worth keeping an eye on in the future.

Cigler has recently returned from travelling and volunteering abroad – an experience he deems to have been critical towards adding value towards his understanding and capabilities as an entrepreneur in South Africa. He cautions aspiring entrepreneurs to not be discouraged by the hardships presented within our country but to rather view them as latent prospects and opportunities for potential ventures.

Matt Cigler

‘’The entrepreneurial mind-set revolves strongly around conventional problem solving from the customer perspective. When faced with an array of structural and institutional voids, amongst other things, there is no doubt about the abundance of problems that can indeed be solved by the private sector; presenting many opportunities in a variety of forms’’ says Cigler.

Two of the most recent projects he has declared involvement in include the execution of a highly relevant task outsourcing platform titled My Task Commander as well as a venture aiming, in particular, to tackle some of the problems currently faced by South African entrepreneurs called The Entrepreneur Plant.

Cigler welcomes new ideas and opportunities and can be contacted at – further information about him and his ventures can also be acquired here.

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