Nokia 3310 is making a comeback

The world’s best phone, or should I say the world’s most reliable phone, the Nokia 3310 is making a comeback.

Venturebeat reports that the Nokia 3310 phone’s comeback is going to be announced at the Mobile World Congress. The new version of the 3310 is expected to sell at roughly €59 (R818).

HMD Global will launch the Nokia 3, 5, and 6 at MWC, plus a 3310 homage

With smartphones having taken over the mobile industry,and pretty much our daily lives, its worth mentioning that the Nokia 3310 is NOT a smartphone. Far from it, so let’s not even get into thinking that its coming back as a  smartphone. It wont have all the exciting features that smartphones have.

Will it have WLAN? Bluetooth? GPS? Radio? And the answer is huge resounding for all!

It also does not have a camera.

So, what can we expect from the Nokia 3310?

It’s a basic phone just for phoning and texting people. It’s standby battery life that can last up to 245 hours‚ and a chassis that is famous for being nigh indestructible.

Check out its full specs at GSMArena.

The Mobile World Congress will be in Barcelona‚ from 27 Feb to 2 March.

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