Parrot Bebop Drone And Skycontroller

Parrot Bebop Drone And Skycontroller


Have you ever had any dream of flying your own drone into the sky and controlling its flight through some remote control in your hands? Parrot Bebop Drone And Skycontroller has been designed to serve the exact same purpose. It is designed to be piloted by some absolutely new means. Built with an ultimate aim of providing an exhilarating flying experience, Parrot Bebop Drone And Skycontroller does a complete justice to its name and is an absolute joyride.

Drones today, are designed for some specific purposes. Most of them are built to record videos by having a flying camera. The Parrot Bebop is a small drone by size, but is capable of doing some pretty great stuff and is therefore, priced as $899. The integrated camera of Parrot Bebop Drone and Skycontroller is capable of recording 1080p videos and capture high quality images by maintaining a stable camera position while flying. It has a built-in GPS for a full-fledged navigation in the air. You get all the information on your screen about the altitude it is located at currently, how much distance has it traversed and so on. While flying, by pressing the ‘GPS auto return home button’, the device will return to the ‘home’ position. The take off, flight direction and landing of the drone can be controlled easily by the controls provided at the both sides of the Skycontroller which is also equipped with a two High precision joystick for making sharp changes in direction.

Indicators are provided at the bottom of the Skycontroller to show the battery status and Wi-Fi signal. At the top of the Skycontroller, there is a high power antenna. This Steerable Antenna is what makes the drone more powerful and accurate. It is a dual band Antenna with a maximum range of 2km, which mainly depends upon the quality of the Wi-Fi signal it is receiving. By installing the FreeFlight 3 app on your Android phone or tablet, you can ensure the compatibility of your phone with the skycontroller. The Skycontroller has the FreeFlight 3 app installed by default.

Parrot Bebop Drone And Skycontroller has been designed to provide a comprehensive FPV (First-person view) experience. Make your flight even more immersive by using the Skycontroller with FPV Glasses. Using HDMI interface, glasses such as Sony FPV or Zeiss Cinemizer can be connected with the Skycontroller.

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