Rise of Pokemon Go : A game with augmented reality

The Pokemon Go Effect

Rise of Pokemon Go - A game with augmented reality

Pokemon Go is a Japanese anime and video game series which is a turn-based strategy game and also based on the hit console. In this gaming app, the adventurers travel this planet seeking Pokemon (also known as ‘pocket monsters’ in Japanese) can be trained up and also be used to make them battle with each other. The foremost attraction of the game is to roam their neighborhood to search for Pokemon beasts who generally pop-up as if it is happening in real life i.e. on your smartphone. Recently, Pokemon Go is released on both Android and iOS platform.

Okay, so if you have not been sleeping for the past few days, then you must have heard the name Pokemon Go in the news or any social media. The brand-new Pokemon app which has experienced a fleeting rise in the smartphones, has attained the same active users like Twitter in last week since it has been launched. Nintendo has observed close to around 30% hike in share price. The app uses maps and geolocation on your mobile and you can get Pokemon in this real world just by going out to discover them and also by capturing them using your mobile camera. Yes, it is actually making the kids go outside.

The Pokemon Go game that marries a traditional 20 years old franchise with some augmented reality, has been launched only in 5 countries that include the United States, The Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. In the other countries, the release has been halted till they work out on the bolstering server capability to facilitate wider rollout due to high demand — but as far as the availability of the game in South Africa is concerned, you can get the app in South Africa with a few workarounds.

While Nintendo Pvt Ltd, South Africa assured the gamers that the game will be released in 2016‚ the computer hardware reseller Raru developed a ‘Pokemon Go’ smartphone accessory which confirms the app to be released on July 29 in South Africa. So far, in the available countries, download the app from Google Play store in Android and from App Store in iPhone devices.

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