Runtastic Orbit – Activity, Fitness & Sleep Tracker with Bluetooth

Runtastic Orbit – Activity, Fitness & Sleep Tracker with Bluetooth


Runtastic Orbit is a 24-hour activity, fitness and sleep tracker. This device monitors all your daily activities and gives you a chance to learn more about your life. This smart device is more of a functional device rather than just being good looking. But even still, the device has a smart appearance that will make you very comfortable when wearing it. Apart from all the aesthetics, the Runtastic Orbit has a number of features that work to keep the users life easy and more interesting. These features will be highlighted here below.

Unique Features of the Runtastic Orbit that will enhance your life

Tracks all the activities you engage in

This smart device tracks all your daily activities. This makes you to be in a position of monitoring your life’s important activities. The activities that the Runtastic Orbit will help you to track include the following:

  • Steps
  • Active minutes
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep cycles
  • Goals

Smooth alarm

The device gives you an opportunity to start off your day well with a smooth alarm waking you.

LED Display

The LED display makes it easy for you to check your stats at whichever time of the day.

Runtastic Ecosystem Integration

You can integrate this device with the Runtastic Me app for other amazing features.

Wireless Sync

The device has Bluetooth Smart to sync with other devices for an improved functionality.

The above mentioned are just some of the unique features that you will get from this device. There are also some basic features that are quite beneficial to its users. The benefits will also be highlighted here below:

Water Resistant

This is a water resistant device that allows its users to even swim with it on. It can go deep up to 300ft without being damaged.

Long Lasting Battery

Its battery last for long and can serve comfortably without having to think of replacing the battery every now and then.

Fairly Priced

If its price is put against the features, then it surely acts as big bargain. This device is simply fairly priced and offers great value for money.

Get the Runtastic Orbit to track your activities, fitness and sleep the whole day. This is an accurate device that will get you the best analysis of your daily activities.

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