Samsung building Tizen-powered TV remote

Samsung’s new Tizen-powered remote could rule your smart home

Samsung's new Tizen-powered remote could rule your smart home

Samsung is planning to launch a Tizen remote for Samsung smart TVs. Tizen is a smart and user-friendly operating system which allows the user for more content and devices. The remote can recognize automatically all Samsung smart devices like video game player, blue ray and Smart TVs set-top box.

The newly remote can help you find your favorite content and put them home screen automatically. It may allow you to control lights, cameras, and devices that are all smart, as per today’s definition.

Though Samsung hasn’t officially been unveiled the full features are in the back. Its design, capabilities and limitation, not in our sense.

The Tizen remote will be like the Logitech’s Harmony remote which lets the owner to control lights, locks and many more. Korean conglomerate company Samsung is planning to hit 2016 with this remote.

It’s just a matter of time before the Samsung Smart Tizen remote is part of our daily lives.

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