Tips to Save Mobile Data on your Smartphone

It’s no secret that we spend even more time on our mobile phones, than ever before, and with the many apps that are out there that we are using, its no wonder that the #DataMustFall movement was initiated because data has become a huge expense, and unfortunately we cannot function without it.

Now, if you are like me, you have probably tried to decrease your data usage, and now I want to give you tips on how to save data effectively when you are on your phone.   

Don’t open too many browser pages

 When you are on the internet, try and limit the number of your browser pages. Try and use one browser for example Safari or whatever your preference is, and do one page at a time. Opening too many pages will eat up your data, and will slow down your activity, depending on the speed of your network.

Beware of the Facebook App 

The Facebook app is one of the bad apps when it comes to depleting data. The Facebook app’s features or possibly the way it works eats data too much, I ended up having no choice but to delete it off my phone. Now my data lasts longer and I check out Facebook via my computer.

Restrict background activity

Restrict the background activity, this includes things like notifications, syncing emails, unnecessary widgets and feeds that update themselves. You need to be vigilant about what you do and the things that you authorize. Also, you need to make sure that you shut down apps that auto update themselves, as these updates can happen at any moment and can eat your data without you being aware that they are auto updating.

Streaming Services

I know the likes of Deezer, SoundCloud and Youtube are a ton of fun, but enjoying them is also very costly. If there are songs that you just love and they are practically on repeat, rather store them on your phone so you can listen to them without depleting your data. This applies to videos as well.

Find out which apps are eating up your data

Find out which apps are bad when it comes to your data finishing up too quick or not lasting. In your Settings > Data usage, you are able to check the apps that deplete your data the most, you will need to make a decision as to which ones you are keeping or letting go.

Avoid big pictures or videos

The whole point of having smartphones is so we can chat and send fun stuff to our friends and family. But there is a huge cost that comes with that. High quality pictures and videos can be huge, and uploading them or download or even sending them out can be bad for your data.

Did I miss any other tips? Let us know how you save data

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