Withings Activite POP SmartWatch & Activity Tracker

Withings Activite POP SmartWatch


Withings Activite POP: Smartwatches and fitness trackers of all sizes and shapes are increasing in the market by the day. The consumer demand for these smart devices is what makes many manufacturers to produce such smart devices. How about getting a regular watch that has a couple of semi-smart features? If this is what you are looking for, then the Withings Activite Pop is the best option that you have.

Since its entry to the market, this SmartWatch has been selling mainly due to the interesting features it has. These features will be highlighted here below to understand the benefits that one gets from this smartwatch.

Unique Features of the Withings Activite POP that Enhance Life

Activity Tracking

This is a unique feature of this smartwatch. This watch can help you to track some of life’s important activities. Some of the activities that you can track include;

  • Steps covered
  • Distance covered
  • Running
  • Calories burned

Sleep Monitoring

The device can also be used to monitor sleep. It analyzes sleep cycle. Both light and deep sleep cycle are analyzed by this watch.

Silent alarm: to add on to this feature, the smartwatch has a silent alarm that will wake you gently.

Free Health Mate App

This is an exclusive feature of this device. With this app, you can get real-time coaching.

Water Resistant

This is a water-resistant watch that allows its users to wear it when swimming or bathing. There is guarantee that this smart watch will still function even if it is under water.

Long Lasting Battery

It has a long lasting battery that can be used for quite a long period of time. The battery last for long despite the fact that it supports a wide range of tech features.

Easy to Use

With this smartwatch, you do not need to have advanced computer knowledge to use it. It is quite easy to use and can be used comfortably by people of different ages.


The watch is quite cheap if compared against the many features it has. Therefore, it is affordable to many people.

With all the above mentioned features and benefits, you definitely need Withings Activite Pop for your daily activities.

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