You can now request an Uber from Facebook Messenger

You Can Now Order an Uber From Facebook Messenger

The new partnership between Facebook with Uber is good news to millions of Facebook users out there, Facebook and Uber have partnered to allow Facebook users to call for Uber ride within the Facebook Messenger app.

Whether you are running late for work or on your way to meet a friend Facebook messenger app in partnership with Uber can get you to your destination with no delays. This new features comes at a time when messenger moves into its mission to change from a mere messaging platform into a platform on which other developers build their services.

How the Facebook and Uber partnership works

To get started you need to download the latest version of Messenger. Then, within a conversation, tap the more menu and choose transport. Alternatively you can also search for Uber and tap the car icon to request for transport. Then you will receive updates on your driver’s status and notify your friend that you have called your ride. If someone sends their address in a chat you can easily put your request for an Uber by tapping on that address. Your first ride is free up to $20.

This service is currently available in selected states where Uber operates in the United States but it will be available soon in more states and countries.

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